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The RheaRange Germinator

20 Apr

Check it out. The Germinator gets plants started evenly and quickly.


Homemade Fertilizer

12 Apr
Making Fertilizer

Making Fertilizer


Following Steve Solomon’s recipe for homemade fertilizer

The basic recipe:

4 Parts seed meal. He suggests low cost high nutrient value powered animal feed. I’m gonna use stale wheat and semolina flour first.

1 Part agricultural lime

1 Part Bone meal

Additional inputs:

If Dolomite Lime is available 1/2 Part Dolomite Lime and only 1/2 Part agricultural lime in the basic recipe.

1/2 Part Kelp meal

Add sparingly and only based on soil testing:

Agricultural Sulfur recommended amount

Epsom Salts recommended amount

Boron 1/2 recommended amount

Most of the ingredients are found at my local feed store.