Weekend Projects

23 Jun

photo 2 (2) photo 3 (1)

No room left for Solarium family plants in the hoop house, so I’m raising them in pots this year

photo 1 (3)

The Zinnias and the Dahlias are just coming on.


Growing a Greener World show suggestions!

20 Jun

Growing a Greener World asked for show suggestions: here are mine.

A show devoted to soil tilth concentrating on soil structure from mycelium featuring Professor Paul Stamets.

If that’s too technical how about a show on orchid production and home made orchid labs, a.k.a, home tissue culture labs.

My third and final show request is an episode on biochar. Mike McGrath of You Bet Your Garden hates it. Why do I love it?

Opening the HoopHouse Sidewalls

19 Jun

Here is a demonstration of opening the sidewalls of the hoophouse.

Garlic Harvest

17 Jun

The garlic began dying back and the soil was evenly watered from drip irrigation. Leaving it in too long would rot the stems.

2014-06-17 06.05.19

2014-06-17 06.05.40

Seed Packet Organization

16 Jun

I planted these seeds but I don’t have a method for saving that information. 10 plants each of squash and 25 plants of the cucumbers.

Seeds Planted 6 15 14 001

I also planted Marketmore 76 Slicing Cucumber


Replanting Cucurbits

15 Jun

The flea beetle and slug crop is bigger than the direct sown watermelons, melons and squash. I’m gonna start again.2014-06-15 13.31.00

Fall broccoli and lettuce are in the back


Green Tomatoes

14 Jun



Early June and there are lots of heirloom and cherry tomatoes

photo 4

Siletz Tomato

photo 1 (1)

Siletz Tomato

photo 2

Sun Gold Tomato

photo 1

Sungolds trellised in front